This is the main site for the Series One DIY Cockpit Project.  Below you'll find information on the cockpit,
how it was built and how you can build your own.

For those that have never heard of this project before, the Series One is the result of wanting to lower the bar of entry to building your own flight simulator cockpit.  The home built flight simulator market is large enough that there are a number of really great choices in how you can outfit a cockpit you've already built.

Unfortunately, there are very few options available for the cockpit itself unless you've got a lot of money to buy a a fiberglass shell or the skills to design & scratch build your own.

The Series One is designed to provide you with the information you need to build your own cockpit to give you a jumping off point into this great hobby of ours.

You'll note that all the pictures of the Series One cockpit show an "unfinished" cockpit.  This was done on purpose.  I felt it was more important to show you how to build the cockpit itself as opposed to how to lay down a fancy paint job.  The cockpit you see here now is what you'll end up with after construction.  The interior and exterior details are entirely up to you. 

You'll also notice the lack of any fancy graphics or mind-bending color banners here.  I decided that my time was better spent telling you about the DIY Cockpit Project instead of designing a fancy website with graphics that in all honestly would likely just make your eyes hurt.

The project prototype is on the right (featuring a 1993 Ford Corsica seat!) and on the left is the cockpit that was built to write the instruction manual.

Here's a picture of my recently painted cockpit:

If you'd like to see how my version of the Series One is going, you can see it here: